Important Considerations for Choosing Ice Machine Rentals
03/15/2018 6:23 am

Everyone needs ice. Some businesses need it more than others, depending on the type of business. Since icemakers are critical for your restaurant operation, it is vital to figure out which type you need before choosing the best ice machine rentals for you among all the various styles and configurations. To help ensure you have the correct unit for your restaurant, make sure you consider these important factors:

Style of Machine
Each type of ice machine is unique and behaves slightly differently than each other model. However, they generally fall into one of three primary categories of configuration.

• Countertop Ice Machines
Countertop ice machines are compact units. The healthcare industry often utilizes this option since they can be kept on hand near patient rooms. They tend to contain small, portable bins. Some systems can dispense water, and they usually dispense a nugget style form of ice.

• Modular Ice Machines
Modular icemakers are available in three main widths: 22 inches, 30 inches, and 48 inches. Each modular option is configured to sit on top of an ice machine bin, a dispenser, or a soda machine. Typical ice outputs range from 250 to 1,000 pounds of ice per day.

• Undercounter Ice Machines
Undercounter ice machines are great options for small businesses. These units combine both a storage bin and an icemaker. They fit below counters that are at least 40 inches high. However, they typically max out at about 350 pounds of ice production per day, although higher capacity options are available.

Type of Ice
Commercial ice machines can produce a variety of different kinds of ice. Each type of ice piece offers different benefits, whether it’s being easy to chew, slow to melt, or easy to shape. In most situations, ice machines use the following ice options:

• Cube
The most popular ice cube choice is cube ice. It melts slower and can reduce the amount of consumption by the customers. Ice cubes come in full, half, and regular size cubes.

• Flake
Flake ice is made up of small, rapidly melting flakes of ice that you can mold into any shape.

• Nugget
Nugget ice is another slow melting option. It is most commonly used in the healthcare industry because it is not only softer but also easier to chew than cube ice options. Nuggets are also great for use in blended drinks, cold beverages, and smoothies.

Kind of Compressor
Another significant consideration to make when choosing ice machine rentals is the kind of compressor used to cool the ice. The primary options are either:

• Air
The most cost-effective method for cooling ice machines is air-cooling, due to their ability to avoid additional costs from water consumption. In fact, many models are Energy-Star compliant. Keep in mind that air-cooled ice machines require an extra six inches of clearance to allow for air intake and discharge.

• Water
Water-cooled compressors are only better than air options when ambient air is either higher than 80-degrees Fahrenheit, contains substantial amounts of pollution, or unable to be ventilated properly. You should not opt for water compressors unless these conditions exist. Otherwise, air compressed units are the better choice over water.

For more information on the different types of ice machines or to learn more about ice machine rentals, contact the helpful staff at Gator Chef by emailing or calling 1-888-944-2867 today!

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