4 Restaurant Kitchen Supplies You Can’t Work Without
03/13/2018 7:49 am

When you open a restaurant, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is how you will setup your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your business, and it is where you will bring life to your menu. To withstand the daily pressures you will put on your equipment, it is essential that you choose high-quality restaurant kitchen supplies. To maximize your kitchen, ensure you have these critical components for your restaurant:

The majority of ranges include some form of oven. If baked goods are part of your operation, it is exceedingly important to have the right type of oven for your needs. For instance, convection ovens, unlike conventional ovens, have a built-in fan and exhaust system to blow hot air on the food within. They are excellent for cookies, toasted food, pies, roasts, and dehydrated food. Other ovens contain features like deep fryers or flat grills. What features you require all depends on the type of food you plan to prepare. Regardless of your choice, you will be required to have some form of ventilation equipment installed along with it. Therefore, always keep installation costs in mind to prevent yourself from going too far over budget.

Refrigerators and Freezers
Every commercial kitchen will require a refrigeration unit. The many models of refrigerators and freezers available not only help to preserve freshness and allow for cold storage, but they also contribute to longer general shelf lives of even common ingredients. When determining the appropriate model of refrigerator or freezer for your business, you will likely choose between one of two options: walk-in units or reach-in units. However, you should always consider the size of your business before making your choice. For example, walk-in options may be too large an option for smaller restaurants, even if they are more convenient overall.

Unless you’re going to be using a flat grill, a range is a must-have for your kitchen. This appliance is a kitchen’s powerhouse, and it is important to choose an option that will meet both your aesthetic and cooking requirements. Your first decision, before purchasing a range, is to determine if you want either electric or gas. Keep in mind gas ranges are easier to work with than their electric counterpart. They offer the ability to more accurately change your cooking temperatures and are much quicker at temperature changes than electric ranges.

Preparation Counters and Cutting Boards
In most situations, stainless steel is used for preparation areas, since it is easy to clean, resistant to most cleaners, and very unlikely to rust. For cutting boards (built in or portable), the materials used are either plastic or wood. Before making your selection on your countertops and cutting board materials, remember that plastic options are easier to sanitize but tend to develop grooves bacteria can hide in, while wooden cutting boards are more robust and are not as easily scored by regular use.

Running a restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you have to have the necessary restaurant kitchen supplies to be successful. If you need help determining the proper equipment for your kitchen, call the kitchen supply experts at Gator Chef today at 1-888-944-2867.

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