Choosing the Right Caterer
08/16/2018 7:08 am

When you’re throwing a party, event, or get together, the food you serve will say a lot about you and be remembered by your guests. Partygoers often remember when food is particularly good or bad at an event they attend and they know the difference between great catering and poor catering. So if you are choosing a caterer, you need to make sure every detail is perfect, from the hotel pans they use to the plates your food is served on. A great caterer will pay close attention to detail to ensure that every part of their service is absolutely on point.

So how should you go about finding a great caterer? It can be intimidating but first ask yourself what kind of event you will be throwing. Is this a birthday party or a family celebration? Is it a corporate party to celebrate a workplace achievement? Do your guests have certain food preferences or dietary restrictions? Special care must be taken to ensure that all of your guests get exactly what they need.

When you picture great caterer, you might imagine an array of hotel pans set up in a beautiful display of offerings as guests move up a line and great dishes are added to their plate. While this style of buffet service is among the most popular, it is not the only option.

Consider the type of event you are putting on when choosing the style of catering. If your guests will be relatively stationary or if this is a traditional celebration like a wedding or bar mitzvah, buffet style catering is completely appropriate. But if this will be an event where guests will spend most of their time doing activities or dancing, you might want to consider a catering style that compliments that. Passed hors d'oeuvres are a great alternative to traditional catering and they are the perfect style for a party of this kind. You will minimally interrupt your guests while they drink and dance but still be able to serve delicious food.

Also think about the kind of cuisine you will offer. If this is work event during the workday, perhaps a breakfast catering option is the right way to go. Make your employees and coworkers feel at home as you serve them breakfast to celebrate a milestone. If this is a birthday, consider who the main guests will be. Are these people into health and fitness? A well-balanced healthy menu would be the right choice. Is this a more traditional celebration for a family affair? Food options from your family’s culture might be the best way to go.

Whatever you choose, finding the right caterer takes work. At GatorChef, our mission is to connect you with all the right equipment your caterer needs to keep your guests satisfied. We have products from all of the top brands and our years of experience make us great guides to help you find what you need. Visit us online and get started now.

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