What Are the Best Options When Buying a Commercial Hand Sink?
12/15/2017 1:11 pm

Code violations are just about the last thing you want to think about when running a restaurant or commercial kitchen. Cleanliness is strictly enforced by state agencies and while it seems simple enough to make sure everything is clean; sometimes it is a little more difficult. One appliance that is an absolute necessity in a kitchen or bathroom is a commercial hand sink. It’s a simple device that people use every single day, but we don’t really give them a lot of thought. Staying up to code means staying clean, so you need a sink that will take near constant use and stand the test of time without springing a leak or cracking. GatorChef has a pretty great variety of commercial hand sinks on hand to fit any sort of budget or kitchen space.

Taking a look at one of GatorChef’s more popular sinks, the Royal Industries gooseneck wall-mount hand sink, we can see how this model could work for just about any kitchen or restroom. One of the great features of this particular sink is that it comes with side guards. This allows even a small kitchen to take advantage of this kind of commercial hand sink without worrying about splashing water onto adjacent countertops. This sink is also only fifteen inches wide, large enough to comfortably wash your hands in its stainless steel basin, but also compact enough to fit in any kitchen setup. This particular sink is meant to be mounted on a wall, has a six inch deep bowl, and is NSF certified for the foodservice industry. It comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation, so getting it up and running couldn’t be easier.

If you are looking for something a little more heavy-duty, then maybe the Krowne wall-mount gooseneck faucet is for you. One great advantage that this faucet has over some of the other sinks on offer from GatorChef is that the Krowne comes with an attached soap and hand towel dispenser. This takes a bit more worry off your mind, since you don’t have to think about also buying these as separate pieces. This sink is a little bit wider than the previous example at sixteen inches, but it keeps the six inch deep bowl. It also mounts directly to the wall and the gooseneck faucet is built on a swivel, allowing a wide range of flexibility and motion. Both sink options discussed here are built from beautiful stainless steel, so rust and mildew aren’t a worry like they are with other types of sinks.

Whichever sink you decide fits your needs and works with your kitchen, cleanliness has to be a top priority. Nothing can close down a commercial kitchen faster than state health inspectors, so leaving the guesswork to a proven company is always a wise option. Sinks should be an easy thing to use in every kitchen and should fit into any setup with minimum effort in order to bump up proficiency. Whether you are just starting out or are already an established culinary force, cleanliness and utility are equally important. Having the right option and a commercial hand sink that fits your exact needs is a must.

Visit GatorChef’s website (www.gatorchef.com) to learn more about their available catalogue. They have constant sales on anything you could need in your kitchen and a polite staff that can help you with any culinary needs. Any questions or comments about orders or available products can be directed to GatorChef by phone at (888-944-2867). Remember: keep it clean and cook safe!

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