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11/12/2018 11:27 am

Having a successful business in the fast-paced restaurant world is a hard feat. With the onslaught of very demanding customers and the burgeoning competition looming every-which-way from surrounding businesses, it can seem almost impossible for a small, new restaurant to survive long-term. Having state of the art restaurant equipment and supplies can transform a good restaurant into a great one, and eradicate any further stress that the restaurant world is infamous for.

GatorChef, a family-owned and operated restaurant supply company located in Illinois, caters to every level of restaurant in order to satisfy every level of consumer. From both new and used restaurant equipment to restaurant furniture, GatorChef fulfills every need that a restaurant could have at great price points. Chicago, a city teeming with state of the art restaurants, deserves an outstanding supply company – which is exactly what GatorChef is.

When utilizing GatorChef’s expansive website, a consumer can easily discover why they are the restaurant supply Chicago needs. To begin, GatorChef provides restaurants with several options to obtain the restaurant equipment that they ultimately desire. First option is for a restaurant to simply purchase the piece of equipment brand new at an astoundingly affordable price. A second option is for a restaurant to purchase a used piece of equipment they need. GatorChef’s inventory of used products is comprehensive – restaurants looking for used products can find anything from used bakery and ice-cream cases to used stainless steel equipment. Lastly, the third option for restaurants looking to purchase a piece of restaurant equipment from GatorChef is leasing the equipment. GatorChef provides restaurants with low cost financing options for leasing a plethora of commercial restaurant equipment and supplies. Furthermore, GatorChef offers financing plans for restaurants ranging from 13 to 60 months. Leasing gives new restaurants a method to create a cost efficient financial plan that frees up their cash, while also giving the restaurant dependable fixed-payments.

Being a restaurant supply Chicago based company, it only makes sense that GatorChef provides local customers with a showroom, conveniently located right outside the hustle and bustle of Chicago, teeming with both new and used restaurant equipment at great prices. The showroom inventory is updated daily, so if you do not find equipment of interest on your first visit, simply try again another day and you are bound to find an expanded selection of equipment never before seen. If you are a restaurant with equipment to spare, GatorChef’s showroom allows restaurants to both sell and trade restaurant equipment.

GatorChef, a company with the best customer service since 1982, takes pride in knowing that each and every customer is satisfied with every purchase made. Each GatorChef representative has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the food industry, and can, therefore, provide each customer with advice only experienced chefs, owners, commercial kitchen designers, and equipment technicians would have.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact GatorChef through either: (1) Live Chat located on, (2) Telephone: (888) 944-2867, or (3) Email: They’re always happy to help!

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