A Safe Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen
09/07/2018 10:35 am

If you have ever cooked a lovely meal from the comfort of your own home, you may have had the thought cross your mind that you would make a wonderful chef in a big restaurant. As any professional chef will tell you, there are some pretty major differences. The biggest of these differences being the commercial kitchen supplies that you have to be trained to use. With food safety regulations and massive complicated equipment, you need to make sure your restaurant has everything it needs to safely create some of the most beautiful and delicious food possible. All of this can be accomplished with the commercial kitchen supply from GatorChef.

One of the biggest things you learn when you become a chef in a professional kitchen is all of the food safety regulations that need to be followed to keep all of your practices safe. The necessary equipment for these practices is crucial to the process. If your restaurant is lacking these pieces of equipment, you should look to GatorChef for all of your restuarant kitchen supplies. If your walk-in freezer is not kept at the right temperature, you could be faced with unsafe ingredients or even lose some of your stock, which is more money out of your pocket everyday. In this case, you should purchase a new refrigeration unit from GatorChef. They have a variety of different types and sizes to fit in perfectly with whatever your kitchen needs and can handle. In addition to storage spaces, GatorChef also has a variety of tools that are used in commercial kitchens every day. If you are preparing various meats, fruits, and vegetables, you know you have to separate them prior to cooking in order to avoid cross contamination. They can help you with this, using color coded cutting boards and serving utensils. GatorChef also offers all the necessary cleaning equipment to tidy up after a long day of prep and cooking. When you return to your kitchen the following day, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that your spaces are clean and sanitary, and you are ready to make some quality foods.

In addition to keeping your ingredients safe, you need to make sure you are safely using the right commercial kitchen supply. With the number of huge machines involved in a large-scale kitchen, you need to make sure everything is in proper working order and everyone on your staff is properly trained. While Gator Chef may not be able to assist in training your new staff, they certainly can help you replace broken stove tops or preparation stations. Your chefs will never have to struggle to get your oven to heat up to the right temperature with a brand new piece of equipment, which means your dishes will get out faster and your customers will keep coming back.

Keeping a kitchen in tip-top shape is incredibly important to its success. Using the correct equipment and safety practices are the first step in this process. Get all of your commercial kitchen supplies from GatorChef and you will never worry about lacking in all of the proper equipment!

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